Setting up "Like" and "Check-In" options on Social Media Marketing


This guide provides you with instructions on how to configure Facebook "Like" and “Check-in” feature in the Social Media Marketing application, please note that the configuration for Twitter "Follow" and the Google+ "+1" is pretty similar.

Example scenario:

The first step is to go to the Admin Panel, click on Manage → Apps and open the Social Media Marketing application, then go to the Audience tab. Here you can set the following options:

Ask users to ‘Like’ your page: Yes

Mode: Optional

Facebook ID: 706497896051315 (

Include a ‘Check-In’: Yes

End-user experience

An end-user logs in with Facebook, and they are asked to 'Like' the Cool page. In this case, the "Optional" mode has been set, so the user is free to choose to Like or not.

Then the end-user is asked to post to their timeline.

If the user chooses to post, then the content is published to the timeline.

Please note that the Check-in feature works only if the Facebook page selected has a valid location. If you configured the Check-In option with your page and the location does not appear on your user's timeline, please check the address on your page.

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