Set up Click-through with email validation


This article explains the end-user login experience when click-through login and account validation features have been enabled. These settings can be managed from Login Profiles and if you are not familiar with settings, see the following article for more information Login Profiles.

Currently, the following validation methods are available:

  • Email
  • Validation code via text message

In this example, we are going to talk about email validation and end-user journey. For any information about validation via text message, see the following article Validating end-users' phone number using a confirmation code.

Example #1: Email validation set before the first access

We consider a Location associated with Login Profile, which is configured for Click-through login, with no information requested under Additional fields and Email validation option enabled.

First access

On first access, the end-user needs to provide an Email address even if this information is not requested under Additional fields.


Then the Splash Page asks the end-user to complete the validation process.


Next access

The Email address field is asked until the validation process is completed. After this action is done, the field does not ask anything more.


Example #2: Email validation set after the first access

In this case, we consider a Location that uses Click-Through and has no Additional fields or validation set in the corresponding Login Profile. So, the end-user can sign up without providing any data during first access.

Later, from Admin Panel the Email validation option is enabled.

First access

As mentioned above, no Additional fields or validation methods are enabled at the beginning, so end-users can sign-up without providing any additional data.


Change of configuration

After the first access, the Primary Sign-Up Validation is set to Email. This action can be done through the Admin Panel, by modifying the active Login Profile assigned to the Location.


Second access

Now the email validation option is active, but no email address was specified by the end-user during first login/registration.

If the end-user opens the Splash Page with the same device used during the first access, then Volare recognizes the device's MAC address and retrieves the details of the end-user.

The end-user then needs to provide the Email address.


Next accesses

The Email address field is asked until the validation process is completed. After this action is done, it will not be asked anymore.


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