Twilio Connect


The Twilio Connect application allows you to use your own Twilio SMS account for text messages in Volare.


To set up this application in Volare, you'll need a merchant account. You can sign up for one at

Once you have your account enabled and you are in your Twilio account, find your SID and Auth Token in the main Console Dashboard. Please note, this information is mandatory to set up the application in the Admin Panel.


An additional configuration is required if you are using Inbound SMS/calls. This is because the Splash Page needs to receive a confirmation when your guests successfully end a validation process by sending a text message or making a call to your number in Twilio.
This is possible by configuring a callback URL towards the Splash Page, in your Twilio instance. The steps to do this are:

  1. Click on Numbers > Phone Numbers in the left-toolbar menutwilio-connect2.png
  2. Check if your phone numbers for the following callback URL is enabled:
  3. If not, you have to click on your phone number and configure it as indicated below. Please note that depending on the service you activated, text messages or calls may not be available for some of your phone numbers.

Please note that each country treats SMS differently. Please check Twilio coverage.

You can find more details here: Twilio Docs.

Admin Panel configuration

The configuration of “Twilio Connect” is possible only at Organization level. This means that the Locations inherit the configuration set by the Organization Manager and are not able to override it with their own values.

If available, you can find the “Twilio Connect” application in the Marketplace at Organization level, by going to Manage → Apps and searching in the Integrations tab.

After clicking on the “Twilio Connect” application, you will see a configuration screen asking for the following:

  • SID
  • Auth Token


Once these parameters have been entered, you can activate the payment gateway.

  1. Go to Manage → Preferences,
  2. Move to the Gateways tab
  3. Select "Twilio" as Provider Lists in the Text Messages & calls fieldset.
  4. Set your phone numbers for the following cases:
    • Outbound SMS (the phone number used when the Solution sends text messages)
    • Inbound SMS (the phone number used when the Solution waits for a text message from an end-user)
    • Inbound Call (the phone number used when the Solution waits for a phone call from an end-user)


Please note that how you configure it will affect all your Locations.

Once you're done, your Organization will use the phone numbers set, and you will no longer be required to buy SMS packages for Volare in order to let it work.
The information for your Locations will be updated and the counters will refer only to the text messages sent/received for your Twilio accounts.


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