Sponsorship validation


Sponsorship validation is a feature that allows an end-user to get access to the Internet after being authorized by a "sponsors".

When the end-user tries to access the Internet, he needs to enter the sponsor's email address and the sponsor then receives an email notifying a visitor is asking for internet access. The sponsor can accept the request by specifying an Internet plan to assigning it to the end-user.
Once the request is accepted, the end-user is able to get online.

This solution can is ideal for:

  • Corporate offices
  • Travel agencies
  • Job recruitment agencies
  • etc.

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Use case

In this use case, any guest who wants to access the Wi-Fi network at a Cloud4Wi office has to provide the e-mail of a sponsor. Only those with @cloud4wi.com emails are able to be a sponsor.
Once the sponsor validates the account, the guest is able to get online.


Please note the following:

  • The sign-up method is Click-Through (but Sponsor validation also supports username/password and social logins)
  • During the validation process, the sponsor must assign an Internet plan to the guest, among those available in the considered Location.

Admin Panel configuration

To configure this use case, we have to go to the Login Profiles tab

For the sign-up method, we're using Click-through and we can configure it by going to the Login options tab.


In the Advanced tab, we'll configure:

  • Sponsor validation: Multi Sponsor
  • Sponsor email domains: cloud4wi.com,volareapp.com

When you set this up, you'll have to replace "cloud4wi.com,volareapp.com" with your domains separated by commas (e.g. mydomain1.com,mydomain2.com,mydomain3.com).


Sponsor validation is now configured for your Splash Page.

Splash Page flow

In the Splash Page, we have a new input field called Sponsor Email, where the end-user has to enter the email of the sponsor.
The email address must match the domains configured in the Admin Panel. Otherwise, they'll see an error.


If the email address matches the domains configured in the Admin Panel, then the end-user is asked to wait for the sponsor to validate.


It may happen that the end-user enters a wrong email or, for any reason, he or she may want to change the sponsor email address. In this case, the end-user can click the Go back button and re-enter the email.


After you provided a new sponsor email, the end-user is asked again to wait for the validation from the sponsor. The old sponsor can no longer validate the end-user.


As soon as the sponsor validates the e-mail address, the end-user will be able to go online.


How the sponsor validates an end-user

When the end-user tries to log in for the first time, the sponsor receives a message in their inbox, asking them to click on Manage request in order to validate the end-user.


Once clicked, a page is opened in the browser. Here the sponsor is asked to accept the request (by clicking the Accept button) and asked to choose an Internet plan for the end-user.
Please note that "Recurrent" and "Paid" Internet plans for the Location will not be listed.
Only One-Shot and free-of-charge Internet plans will appear. Access code-based plans will appear, but no access code will be asked to the end-user. Please make sure that such Internet plans are available in your Location. Otherwise, an error will appear and users will not be able to go online.


Once the sponsor accepts, the end-user will be able to get online.
In this case, the end-user provided his email address when signing up. So it is possible for the sponsor to send also a confirmation email to the end-user, informing the end-user that their request has been accepted.

If you want to customize the content of this email, go in the Communications sections as explained in the following article: Customizing messages to end-users and search for the item called "Email: Sponsor Validation Customer Confirmation".


Once all this is complete, the flow of sponsorship validation ends.



Sponsor validation logs

Volare Account admins can check the logs of each individual validation.

In Guest WiFi > Sponsor validation logs, a table shows the list of each time a a guest requests a validation to a sponsor  and the status of the reqeust (Received / Accepted)




The logs can be inspected in the dashboard and exported in CSV for offline processing.




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