SMTP Connect


The SMTP Connect application allows you to use your e-mail account for all your communications in Volare.


To set up this application in Volare, you'll need a valid e-mail account and the data of your SMTP server.

Admin Panel configuration

The configuration of “SMTP Connect” is possible only at the Organization level. This means that the Locations inherit the configuration set by the Organization Manager and are not able to override it.

If available, you can find the “SMTP Connect” application in the Marketplace at Organization level, by going to Manage → Apps and searching in the Integrations tab.

After clicking on the “SMTP Connect” application, you will see a configuration screen asking for information about your SMTP server, such as:

  • Provider name: a friendly name to identify your e-mail account
  • From name: the sender name that appears each time a message is sent
  • From email: the actual e-mail address of your account
  • SMTP host: the hostname of your SMTP server
  • SMTP port: the port where your SMTP server is listening (most common ports are 25, 465 and 587)
  • Enable authentication: please check this if your account requires SMTP authentication. In this case, you have to specify also the following data:
    • Username
    • Password
    • Encryption type: can be either "None", "SSL" or "TLS"

You can test your settings by entering any of your e-mail addresses in the Test email input field and then click on the Test email button. If you do that, the system will try to send a message to the e-mail address specified, based on the SMTP settings that you entered, and finally, display whether it was able to send the message or not. If not, change the settings and try again.


Once you're done, your Organization will use the mail settings you've set in place of the default ones.


The information of your Locations will be updated and the counters will refer only to the email sent/received from your custom SMTP accounts.


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