Connect Volare to Salesforce


The Salesforce Connect application allows you to push your end-users' data from Volare to your CRM in Salesforce.


At the time of writing, the application supports Lightning Enterprise and Lightning Unlimited accounts (please see the details here: Salesforce: Editions & Pricing).
For the correct synchronization between Volare and Salesforce, it is also necessary to do some configuration steps that are described step by step in the paragraph below called "Salesforce account configuration".

End-user information transferred

Salesforce Connect copies/updates the following end-user information to Salesforce CRM:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Phone number

End-users without a valid last name won’t be copied to Salesforce.

Salesforce account configuration

In the Volare platform, all customer records have a primary key: this is a 32-chars alphanumeric string necessary to uniquely identify each record.
In order to correctly manage your Volare customer records in Salesforce, you have to define an external ID that will be populated with the primary key imported from Volare.
You can do that in your Salesforce account by going to the Contacts tab, clicking on the wheel button in the top-menu toolbar and clicking on Edit Object.


Then go to the Fields & Relationships by using the left menu toolbar and create a new field by clicking on New.


In the next screen (screen 1 of the wizard), select Text as the data type.


In the screen 2 of the wizard, define the following information:

  • Field Label: volare_ext (you can define any name, but the next pictures will refer to this name)
  • Length: 32
  • Field Name: volare_ext (you can define any name, but the next pictures will refer to this name)
  • External ID: checked


In the screen 3 of the wizard, don't change any info.


In the screen 4 of the wizard leave as is. Then click Save in order to end the process.


When you're done, go back to Fields & Relationships and check that your field has been correctly created.
Please write down the value contained in the Field Name column, that will be required in Volare in order to correctly manage the records after they are synchronized. In our example, this value is: volare_ext__c.


First synchronization from the Admin Panel

Find the "Salesforce Connect" application in the Marketplace if it's available on your account. To get there, go to ManageApps and search in Integrations section.
To use the application you are required to provide valid username/password credentials for Salesforce: once into the app, click Connect, enter your Salesforce's username and password and click Log In.


Once you're authenticated, you have to enter the ID of the external field created as explained in the "Admin Panel configuration" paragraph.
This step is required: otherwise, you will find duplicate user entries in your Salesforce account after any subsequent synchronization.
The value for Do a full Sync is not relevant for the first synchronization: the effect will be a "full sync" in both cases.
At the end click Start sync button and start with the first synchronization.


Finally, you will be provided with the result of the action.


Any further synchronization

To make any further synchronization you still have to access "Salesforce Connect" from the Admin Panel and click the Start sync button.
In this case, you have to choose whether make a full sync or not. Please note the difference below:

If you don't check the Do a full sync option, then a "partial sync" will be performed:
in this case, only the new records will be imported, and the old records won't be modified. Please note that if some old users' data have been changed from the last sync, they won't be updated unless you perform a "full sync".

If you check the Do a full sync option, then all the records will be copied to Salesforce.
In this case, new and old records will be copied from Volare to Salesforce. If the external ID field was correctly configured, then old record data will be correctly updated with the new information.

Troubleshooting (most common issues)

If you are experiencing some problems, please read this paragraph:

  • If you are getting the error "Salesforce token has expired, please try to connect again." then, for some reason, your Salesforce token is invalid. To fix this issue, just disconnect "Salesforce Connect" and enter again your username/password credentials for Salesforce.
  • If at some point your imports start to fail each time you try, then check the storage usage of your Salesforce account. Please find more info here: Salesforce: Monitor Data and Storage Resources.
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