This guide shows how to configure a Teltonika Automotive Router RUT850 in order to use it with Volare.

Please note that the images contained in this article may contain outdated configuration data. Therefore, please check the data contained in the article "Parameters for the Solution" at the bottom of the page, for the most up to date information.


The configuration procedure has been performed and tested on a router model (RUT850) running Firmware version (R_03.00.330). Before integrating the router with Volare, it is necessary that the access point is connected to the Internet through a SIM card (check the manual of the Automotive Router).

Logging in to the UI

To enter the router for the first time, please connect to the WiFi SSID called "rut850". Then type in your internet browser and use the credentials provided by Teltonika to log in.


Adding a new wireless network

After logged successfully, we need to add a new SSID. On the main menu (Upper bar) click on Network → Wireless.


From Wireless Configuration page click Add.

Enter the name of your new SSID and click Save. In this example, we have called it "C4W-Teltonika".

Adding a new Hotspot on the SSID

In order to configure a new Hotspot, please click on Services Hotspot in the main menu toolbar.

Click on the Edit button corresponding to the SSID previously created ("C4W-Teltonika").

RADIUS Server data for the Authentication/Accounting Phase and Splash Portal

Please configure here the parameters indicated in the paragraph below called "Parameters for the solution"


Walled Garden

Please note that in order to allow the proper use of the Splash Page, it is mandatory to configure the domain "" on the walled garden section.
To enter a domain entry, please click the Add button, enter the domain name (e.g. "") and then click on Save.


In order to configure the walled garden for specific purposes, please check the following articles:

Parameters for the Solution

The following parameters are needed to integrate the device with the solution:

  • Enable: checked
  • Authentication mode: External radius
  • Authentication protocol: PAP
  • RADIUS server #1: (Primary Server)
  • RADIUS server #2: (Secondary Server)
  • Authentication port: 1812
  • Accounting port: 1813
  • Radius secret key: (it will be communicated by Cloud4Wi)
  • External landing page: checked
  • Landing page address:
  • Walled Garden address:
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