Onboard guests using a Kiosk


Kiosk is an application that allows end-users to get an access code from a shared device (that could be for example a tablet or a generic touch-screen device) and use it to get Internet access from the Splash Page.

How it works

The scenario

  1. The end-user connects from the shared device to a simplified sign-up page (we call it "kiosk page") where he is asked for personal data
  2. After the process is ended, the end-user receives an access code via e-mail and text message
  3. The end-user is now able to go to the Splash Page. By providing the access code received in the previous step he can now get Internet access

Validity of access codes

Please note that each access code is valid for an hour.
It is not possible to log in by providing access codes older than one hour. In this case, to get Internet access again, the end-user has to go back to the kiosk page and ask for a new access code.

Kiosk page

The shared device must be able to reach the kiosk page.
The URL of this page is https://kiosk.cloud4wi.com?id=XXXXXXXXXXXX where the id value depends on the single location: this means that each location has a separate page.
The Organization Manager is able to customize the appearance of the kiosk page by entering some text, a picture, and a CSS style. Currently, it is not possible to enter different values per location.

Admin Panel configuration

If you want to see your kiosk working, then you have to:

  1. Configure the "Kiosk" application (to let end-users get an access code)
  2. Enable the Splash Page to accept one-time passwords (to let end-users go online)
  3. Provide end-users with a shared device

Configuring the "Kiosk" application

This application is available only at the Organization level.
You can find the "Kiosk", if available, in the Guest Wi-Fi section on the left-side toolbar on the left, or in the Marketplace at Manage → Apps and search in the Guest Wi-Fi tab.


The configuration page in the Admin Panel consists of two sections:

  • Kiosk URL
  • Personalization

Kiosk URL is not a configuration section. It allows you to select a location and get the URL of the related kiosk page.

Personalization is a configuration section that allows you to customize the look of your kiosk page by setting some values, such as:

  • Page title
  • Intro (optional)
  • Logo
  • CSS
  • SSID

In the pictures below you can find the configuration page and how values are reflected on the kiosk page.



Enabling the Splash Page to accept access codes

All you need now is to enable the Splash Page to accept access codes. To do this, please go to Guest Wi-Fi → Login profiles, open your login profile, stay on the Sign-up tab and set the One Time Password Login option to "Enabled".
As a result of this action, the input field for the access code will appear.



Providing end-users with a shared device

Now you're done! Just provide end-users with a shared device connected to the Internet and let them go to your kiosk page (e.g. https://kiosk.cloud4wi.com?id=CynZ9wNR6fHW) to get an access code.

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