Volare 6.5.2


June 29th 2017


Mobile Survey

The new Mobile Survey in a brand new application that enhances the existing Survey tool with a better end user experience.  The Mobile Survey has more flexibility and management capabilities, including a URL that can be sent via SMS and email and more variety of questions.


Support of Presence Analytic for Samsung

We now support Presence Analytics on Samsung networks.


Internet Plans enhancements

We added the ability to delete a plan assigned to a User from his profile page.

Introduced the support of traffic limitations for one-time internet plans and the possibility to set an expiration period related to the activation date.

We modified the way Internet Plans are consumed by a User, by prioritizing the latest plan assigned. This unlocks the use cases where the service provider is offering premium plans that once provisioned need to be consumed with a higher priority than the eventual complimentary service.


Dev Portal

Now the Volare Admin can create and manage directly the Developers Accounts autonomously from the Admin Panel. We also enriched the set of information provided to the external app during the pre-authentication phase, which now includes the user profile data if the user is recognized by their device ID.


Kiosk (Beta)

The Kiosk is a WiFi onboarding portal designed to be activated on a tablet to let visitors register from a shared device. The Kiosk generates a One Time Password, delivered to the visitor via email or SMS, that allows him to login into the Welcome Portal by entering just one simple keyword.


Salesforce Connect (Enterprise Licenses)

Salesforce Connect allows syncs Volare user accounts with your Salesforce CRM automatically.


Provisioning APIs

This new group of APIs allows better management of main Volare resources, including adding, editing, or removing Venues and Access Points.


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