Slack Connect


Connect Volare to your Slack account and receive notifications through a dedicated channel whenever a user logs in or is nearby a location.

You can select the channel, which type of events you want to get notified for, and which information is sent to you in the Slack notification.


Getting Started


1. Add Volare to Slack using the ‘Add to Slack’ Button

Click ‘Open’ on the Slack App Card from the Apps page (Manage > Apps) to open the settings page. From this page, you can connect your Slack account using the ‘Add to Slack’ Button.

Slack will ask you to confirm who you are and which channel of which workspace you would like to have messages from Volare posted to. Once you have made your selection, click ‘Authenticate’ to be redirected back to the settings page.

2. Click ‘Save’ to save how you want the messages to display

On the right panel ("Configure notification content") select the fields that you want to show in the Slack notification. Confirm how you want the messages to appear personalizing the labels on the right card ("Personalize content").

You must click ‘Save’ before any messages will be sent. When your settings are saved, the save button will turn green and show a checkmark.


3. Add your desired webhooks under the ‘notifications’ tab

Finally, to receive the webhooks, the app requires you to select which webhook events you would like to receive. Navigate to the Notifications Settings page and click ‘Add’.

Name the webhook what you would like for identification purposes, select which type of event you would like this webhook to emit, and select for which Locations you would like the webhook to be used.

In the URL field, place the URL ''

Finally, write whatever you would like in the Auth Token field and click ‘Save’ in the top-right of the page.


Slack Notification Message (desktop notifications, mobile notifications, etc):



Slack Message:




If you need support to configure the app or you have any problem please contact us at


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