Setup Presence Analytics with Aerohive


This document provides all the necessary steps to enable and Integrate Presence Analytics with Aerohive devices and Volare.

Contact Cloud4Wi Support Team

As a first step, You need to have either Professional or Enterprise edition licenses of Volare. Then open a ticket in our Support Center, informing us that you are going to enable Presence Analytics with Aerohive devices.
The Cloud4Wi Support Team will provide you with the following information:

  • the endpoint URL
  • the customer token (unique for each organization instance)


Enable Presence Analytics on your Radio Profile

Log in to the HiveManager NG at, go to Configure Common Objects, select Policy Radio Profiles on the left-side toolbar, click on your Radio Profile.


Then scroll down and find the Presence Server Settings fieldset, and set Presence Analytics to "ON".

Assign your Radio Profile to your device

On the HiveManager NG, go to Monitor Devices, and find and click on your device. Then select Configuration  Interface Settings on the left-side toolbar, and assign the configured Radio Profile to the desired interface.


Enable the webhooks

On the HiveManager NG, open the Global Settings, then go to API → API Token Management, and create a new API access token by clicking the (+) button.


Then enter the following values:

Post URL: (the value provided by Cloud4Wi Support Team)
Access Token: (the value provided by Cloud4Wi Support Team)
Message Type: Client Centric
Enable: Yes



That's all! If you need further assistance with this process, please do not hesitate to open a ticket by using our Support Center.

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