Click Tracking for Triggered Campaigns


The Click Tracker SDK allows to track the clicks on the links inside your messages, emails or text messages, sent using the Triggered Campaigns.

When the user clicks the link in your message and lands on the destination page, the SDK logs the click in Volare and you can see the number of clicked messages in the Reports section of the Triggered Campaign.

Below you can find how to implement the click tracking by using our Click Tracker SDK. Of course, you can also write your own library or implement your own system based on the tracking keyword returned by the triggered campaign.


How to

Step 1 - add the tracking keyword to your links

In order to track a link in a message, you simply have to append the query string parameter to the link. For example, if you have the following link:

<a href=""> Link text </a>

You simply have to add the query string c4w=C4W_TRACK_ME in the "href" attribute as follow:

<a href=""> Link text </a>

The C4W_TRACK_ME keyword will get automatically replaced by a generated token which the SDK will use to track the click.

Note: you can append the tracker to multiple links inside your message. The campaign reports will consider the message as "Clicked" when the user reaches the landing page from any of the tracked links inside the message, without distinction of which link the user actually clicked.

Step 2 - add the tracking code to your landing page 

The Click Tracking SDK is a javascript tracker to be added to HTML code of the landing page of your links. Add the following code to the landing page to load the javascript that will record the tracking

<script src=""></script>


Advanced Capabilities

The SDK also provides the JavaScript function setC4WCALLBACK, that accepts a callback function. Use the function to retrieve the hashed User ID that can be used for advanced purposes.

setC4WCALLBACK(function(userId) {
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