Spot News


Spot News is an application that provides quick access to the latest news.
The newspapers can be grouped by Categories and Newspapers edition. Once chosen and published, they will be displayed on the Splash Page.

Admin Panel management

To access the Spot News application, click on the quick access toolbar on the left ManageAppsGuest Wi-FiSpot News. Here newspaper is grouped under two options:

  • Categories
  • Newspapers


Categories are a way to sort newspapers based on interests. For example, it is possible to create categories such as breaking news, current affairs, sports, politics, business, technology, etc.. By clicking the Add category button you can define a new category.


Clicking on Add newspaper lets you add a newspaper of your choice. The first step is to specify the RSS source where news must be taken from and then click the Verify button. After this step, the RSS source will be verified.

If the entered source is valid, then a pop-up window opens and you can provide specific data such as:

  • Name for the newspaper
  • Category for the newspaper
  • Option to display a small or big newspaper logo on Splash Page


Once defined, the newspaper will be displayed on the page.

Through the Remove newspapers button, you can select and remove the newspapers defined by the user. Please note that the application comes with some predefined newspapers that can’t be removed.

Similarly to delete a category, click on the Remove categories button. Only categories defined by the user can be removed. Please note that the deletion of a category will remove all associated newspapers.

By clicking the Preview button, you can verify the origin of the news you are going to publish according to the current settings.

By clicking the Save button, the current settings will be saved and applied to the Splash Page.

These actions can be performed by the Organization Manager or delegate to Location Manager. For further information about delegation settings, please see the article about Apps.

End-user experience

Accessing the application through the App Bar will redirect end-user to view the headlines of newspapers and the selected articles.

But only authenticated end-users are able to click an article and read the full text.

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