Creating Virtual Zones


Zone is a collection of "Proximity Areas" that may be part of the same Location or different ones. You can image each Proximity Area as a "bubble", a detection range around a probing device (which can be an enabled Access Point or a Volare Sensor). The Zone is one or a cluster of Proximity Areas, and each one can have its own individual detection radius.

When a device is detected in any of the proximity ranges of a Zone it is located in that zone.



Define a zone

If the feature is enabled on your Organization Account, then you can create a zone by clicking on the left sidebar at Manage → Zones and then clicking on the Add button.

When defining a zone, you have to specify the following information:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Location
  • Devices in this zone, along with a valid radius (defined in meters).

You can select one or more devices for the list on the left and add them to the zone with a radius.


Deleting a zone

You can delete any zone in your organization instance.
Please note that this action will cause also the deletion of all related data, including those used for Zone Analytics.

Managing zones

There is not any limit on how many zones you can create.
Please note that you cannot edit an existing zone. You have to delete it and then re-create it from scratch.

Creating a webhook to get a notification

If notifications are enabled, then you can bind the concept of "zone" to a webhook, and be notified when an end-user known by the platform enters your zone. To do that, just create a webhook on the "Enter a zone" event and you're done.
In order to get more information about webhooks, please read the following article: Webhooks.

How does the platform know when a device enters a zone?

Behind this concept, there is an algorithm that, based on the radius value that you set, calculates a threshold RSSI. So all the devices detected having an RSSI greater than the threshold are assumed to be inside the zone, while the others are assumed to be outside.


Right now it is possible to map device samples in the zones only by using the following WiFi vendors:

Cisco Meraki, Aerohive, Samsung, IgniteNet, Ligowave, Open Mesh, Volare Sensor, Extreme Networks (Zebra).

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