My WiFi router runs OpenWrt. Is this firmware supported by Cloud4Wi?


OpenWrt is a firmware program for embedded devices based on GNU/LINUX.
Under OpenWrt it is possible to run Chillispot and CoovaChilli, that are captive portal based softwares, fully compliant with Cloud4Wi solution.

Anyway Cloud4Wi does not provide support for the installation of Chillispot or CoovaChilli in OpenWrt.
OpenWrt is actually a real operating system and, for this reason, the problems that may occur during the installation and the configuration of the device in a real network scenario may depend on a wide number of factors, including the specific device or software release of OpenWrt.

Please, be aware that flashing an AP to install OpenWrt is not a simple practice, firmware and Linux knowledge are required to successfully complete this step.

If you need assistance or have any question about how to configure CoovaChilli or Chillispot in a OpenWrt based device, please take note of the following:

  • OpenWrt supports a big community where you can inquire about the functioning of the operating system. This is the right place where asking information about how to run Chillispot or CoovaChilli with OpenWrt.
  • Some versions of DD-WRT firmware also come with Chillispot or CoovaChilli. For this reason, please check the article DD-WRT firmware and Cloud4Wi, as these configuration steps may help you to configure the device.
  • Here you can find detailed information about Chillispot and CoovaChilli projects.


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