Cloud4Wi 5.2.1 (Maintenance Release) - Release Note

We are pleased to announce the availability of Cloud4Wi 5.2.1 (maintenance release). This release includes new features and minor improvements.
  • System Communication Management it is now possible to customize the content of the system communications messages (such as welcome messages, recovery password, WiFi Area activation, etc..) towards both end-users and account administrators; multi-language editing support.


  • Support of Aerohive access devices.
  • Logout button automatically disappears if Access Point does not support logout capabilities
  • New App Advertising Pro. This new advertising Advertising, allows the Tenant and the WiFi Area to launch advertising campaigns simultaneously; create campaigns based on number of clicks, impressions or time duration; allow sponsors to advertise on the Splash Portal; dedicated "sponsor dashboard" for the monitoring of their ad campaigns; advanced branding option for the Splash advertising page, many design and usability enhancements.

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