Getting to know the Cloud4Wi Control Panel


Quick access toolbar

The quick access toolbar provides access to the main sections of the Control Panel in a fast and easy way. In the mobile version of the quick access toolbar is automatically hidden and is accessible from a button at the top left corner of the page.

This toolbar include the link to the following sections:

  • Dashboard
  • Users
  • Venue or Hotspots (the first is for Tenant level, the second for Venue level)
  • Splash Portals
  • Internet
  • Apps
  • Analytics

The list of items available on this menu at the Venue level can vary according to the service license applied to the Venue account.

Command toolbar

The command toolbar is an area where usually buttons are present and where it is possible to perform specific actions or call other pages within the Control Panel.

Main menu

The main menu, at the top of the page, contains the necessary items to manage configurations and advanced options.
This menu includes the following sub-menus:

  • Settings menu
  • Monitor menu
  • Help menu (link to the knowledge center)
  • Account menu
  • System User menu

Page content

In this part of the screen the body of the page is displayed, which possibly has been invoked through toolbars and menus described above.
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