Social Login: logging in to the Splash Portal through "Social" access credentials


The Social Log in is a feature allowing end-users to register and authenticate to the Splash Portal directly through the access credentials used for the main social networks.
If the end-user logging in was not previously registered to the service, the Solution will take care of creating a new account for them, keeping track of the social network username provided. For the next-time access, the end-user will directly access the service with no need of creating a new account or validating their identity.

Currently the supported social networks are:

Further information about the Social Log in authentication procedure can be found in the documentation of the log in page.

Please note that control of the access credentials will be safely carried out directly on the social network platform, and none of these passwords will be stored or processed in our Solution.

Walled Garden for the Social Log in feature

If you are using the Social Log in feature, please see Walled Garden for the Social Log in feature in order to get the list of the sites/domains used.

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