Allowing payments through PayPal


Our Solution may be set up to allow payments through PayPal. This means that a system user is able to configure the Control Panel with the data of his merchant PayPal account so that the end-user, requesting for a Service Profile through the Splash Portal, is able to perform a secure payment procedure on the PayPal website without going physically to the Venue Manager and asking for the service.
A PayPal account for the merchant is required and this is currently the only way to receive online payments by end-users.

An end-user can pay through PayPal by providing his PayPal customer account data, or directly entering his credit/debit card data (Guest Payment). In order to get more information about this, please visit PayPal Customer Support.
Please note that the payment procedure is safe, since it entirely takes place in the PayPal website. Absolutely no sensitive information about bank account details or debit/credit card numbers is sent to our Platform.

If you have a merchant PayPal account, you need to create your API credentials and enter them into the Control Panel. This procedure is explained step by step in the article Creating and configuring PayPal API credentials.

You also need to configure IPN (Instant Payment Notifications) in order to handle pending transactions. This procedure is available in the article Configuring IPN (Instant Payment Notifications) with PayPal.

Then, the procedure that the end-user has to perform to buy a Service Profile, is described in the article How to buy a paid service profile through a PayPal account – the process for an end-user.

Please note that, in order to correctly allow payments, it is required to allow unauthenticated end-users to be redirected to PayPal website in order to pay for the service. You can find the necessary information for this purpose in Walled Garden for PayPal feature (web sites/domains to open).

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