Publishing the Splash Portal on the Web


By default the Splash Portal can be reached only when an end-user connects to a specific HotSpot belonging to the Venue where this Splash Portal is associated.

If you try to reach a Splash Portal typing "", but you are not connected to a HotSpot managed by the Solution, you get an error.
Sometimes you can view a Splash Portal only because the information of that page was cached on your browser during your last visit. The problem is that in this case the Splash Portal will not work, and you will be not able to visit it after cleaning your browser's cache.

Anyway, it is possible to reach a Splash Portal from any network connected in the Internet, by performing a quick and simple procedure. The result of the procedure is a web URL in the domain "" to type in a browser.
First, it is necessary to know the Splash Portal that is associated to the Venue. This can be done by clicking the Venue button in the quick access toolbar, and then checking the value of the Splash Portal field.

Once this information has been found, click the Splash Portals button in the quick access toolbar and then select the Splash Portal found in the list of available Splash Portals.

Once opened, click the Settings button in the command toolbar.

In the subsequent page, specify:

  • Splash Portal Web URL: a custom name to identify the Venue on the Web. The web URL that will be created will be:<Splash Portal Web Url>
    So please insert a name and check its availability
  • Reference Venue: since a Splash Portal can be used by more than one Venue, it is necessary to specify the Venue that will be associated to the web URL that you are going to create.

If the procedure is successful, it is possible to display the web URL created by coming back to the Settings page of the Splash Portal.

Then you can type the URL of your browser to display in your Splash Portal.

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