Disabling the Apple iOS pop-up window after connecting to a wireless network


Every time that an Apple iOS based device is associated to a WiFi network, the operating system itself performs an internal check of connectivity to the Internet.
If the device is behind a HotSpot and the end-user is not authenticated, this check fails: because restrictions do not allow to fully reach the Internet. In this case, the device automatically opens a pop-up window that, for our Solution displays the Splash Portal, and forces the end-user to perform the authentication through this window and not by using a normal browser.

The following is the procedure for Apple iOS 7 users to disable the opening of this pop-up window, that is automatically notified to those users.


This procedure is recommended to all Apple iOS users, regardless of the software version, since it allows a better browsing experience.
On the contrary, it is mandatory for Apple iOS 7 users, since proper use of the Splash Portal is not guaranteed.

Some vendors released new firmware versions for their Access Points (e.g. Meraki) allowing the correct use of the Splash Portal without needing Apple iOS 7 users to apply the following procedure.

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