Managing Service PINs and allowing end-users to self-activate Service Profiles

Service PINs are provided by the Venue Manager to end-users. By entering a Service PIN on the Splash Portal, an end-user is able to activate a new Service Profile from the Recharge page or the Restricted access page.

Services PINs can be generated by the Venue Manager or also by the Tenant, depending on the license: for each Venue it is possible to retrieve the Service Profiles that have been activated.

If one or more Service Profiles require the use of a Service PIN, in the Services tab of the page viewing a specified Venue (you can access this page by clicking the Venue button in the quick access toolbar and then clicking the specific Venue), under the Required PIN column, a small orange box indicating the number of available PINs for that Service Profile will be displayed.

By clicking this box , you can enter the Service PINs Management section, where it is possible to view the list of Service PINs available, indicating their Code, Status (Active / Inactive), Creation date and Expiration date.

Here you can perform the following operations:
  • Create new: Create new service PINs, specifying their number and expiration date.
  • Export: Export the list of all generated Service PINs to a CSV or PDF file.
  • History: View the list of all activated Service PINs.
  • Search: Search for a service PIN by entering its code.

The Solution can automatically create service PINs. In order to learn more about this, please refer to Automatic service PIN creation.
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