Registration processes for end-users

The registration is the process which involves the creation of an end-user's account within the system.

There are two main ways of registration:
  • Autonomous registration: in this case the end-user autonomously performs the process of account creation, through the Splash Portal.
  • Assisted registration: in this case the account is manually created by a system user who enters data for each end-user through the Control Panel.
After the registration access credentials (username and password) are created. The username is created according to the rules specified in the Username type option, in Sign-Up Options (please check Access Templates and Sign-Up Options).

Autonomous registration

In this case the end-user autonomously performs the creation process of the account, by following an on-line procedure on the Splash Portal, by filling out the appropriate form.
It is possible to perform the registration through the "classical" process, or through Social Login: in the first case, through the Control Panel, it is possible to set fields to display and which of them are mandatory (please check Access Templates and Sign-Up Options).
In the second case, users information is directly taken from the social account used to sign in to the service (learn more by reading Social Login: logging in to the Splash Portal through "Social" access credentials).

There are two check boxes in this registration form:

  • I agree to Terms of use and Privacy Policy: the end-user is required to enable this in order to complete the registration to the service.
  • I accept to receive marketing communications from the service provider: the end-user is free to accept this clause or not. In order to learn more about this, please see Marketing communications from the service provider to end-users.

Whether the Account validation mode option is set to Send an SMS / do a call, the end-user has to perform the procedure displayed into the Splash Portal, consisting in sending a text message or calling a phone number in order to validate the registration and access the service.
The Tenant and the Venue Manager are able to complete the registration process through the Control Panel in place of the end-user, by accessing the Users section, searching and selecting the end-user, and finally clicking Confirm for the Confirm Identity option, if available. In this way the end-user will be able to directly access the service without having to send text messages or making phone calls.

Assisted registration

In this case the account is manually created by the system user, who inserts data for end users through the Control Panel. The operator is able to choose how to send credentials, depending on the modes that have been enabled by Tenant that are:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Screen (which can be printed out later)
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