Identification for foreign end-users


The Default international call prefix option, in the Access templates section, lets you specify the default dialing code for end-users' phone numbers. This code will be displayed to the end-user as the default dialing code, during the registration process within the Splash Portal.

In the Access template section, by setting the value Yes for the PIN for Foreign Users option, it is possible to enable the templates process for those end-users who have provided a country code different from the one specified for the Default international call prefix option.
These end-users are able to successfully log in to the Splash Portal but, only after the first access to the service, they will be prompted to enter an identification PIN, necessary to complete the identification process and access to the Internet.
Once the identification process has been completed, no further identification PINs will be required to the end-user.

The end-user must request the identification PIN to the Venue Manager who will be able to identify them, for example asking for a valid Document ID to associate to this code.

Identification PINs can be generated by the Venue Manager, depending on the license. To do this it is necessary to access the Users section through the quick access toolbar and then click the Identification PINs button in the command toolbar.
Please note that the Tenant, in order to manage identification PINs, has to descend to the Venue level, by accessing the Venue section through the quick access toolbar, then clicking the appropriate Venue and clicking the Manage button in the command toolbar and finally clicking the Identification PINs button in the command toolbar.

Through the Identification PINs subsection, it is possible to perform the following actions:

  • Create new: this allows to create new Service PINs, specifying their number.
  • Export: this allows to export the list of all generated service PINs to a CSV file. It is possible to export the list of identification PINs available at a certain date and time.
  • History: this allows to view the list of all activated Service PINs.
  • Search: this allows to search for an identification PIN, by entering the appropriate code.

The Tenant and the Venue Manager are able to manually complete the identification process for the end-user from the Control Panel, by accessing the Users section from the quick access toolbar, searching and selecting the end-user, and finally clicking Confirm for the Confirm Identity option, if available. In this way the selected end-user is able to access the service and no identification PIN will be required.

In order to learn more about Access templates, please read Access Templates and Sign-Up Options.

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