Nearby Lite: discover the places around you


Nearby Lite is an application that lets you display into the Splash Portal a list of points of interest (such as cafes, gas stations, hotels, restaurants, etc.) that are localized near the geographical position of the HotSpot. The display of the various categories of services can be easily enabled through the Control Panel.

Control Panel management

By clicking the Manage you can enable different categories of services (such as cafes, gas stations, hotels, restaurants, cinema, etc.) that end-users can look for on the Splash Portal.

This action can be performed by the Tenant and, if the Responsibility is assigned to the Venue, also by the Venue Manager.



The settings available for this application are:

  • Management
  • Responsibility

For further information about these settings, please see Marketplace.


End-user experience

The application works even for end-users who did not perform the authentication on the Splash Portal. Regardless, only logged end-users are able to explore and navigate into the map.
Unlogged end-users will be able to display only a static map.


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