Survey Lite: submit optional surveys to your end-users


Survey Lite is an application that allows real-time interaction with end-users by submitting them custom surveys, displayed on the Splash Portal.
Further information about this application can be found here, on our Cloud4Wi YouTube channel.

Control Panel management

By clicking the Manage button it is possible to create a new survey or view an existing one.

To add a new survey, click the Create new button from the quick access toolbar. A guided procedure will help you create a new survey. In the first step, the following information is required:

  • Name of survey: a name for the survey, which must be unique.
  • Set a time validity for this survey (optional): you can specify a time interval where the survey is valid. If you do not specify it, the survey is always valid. This value can be modified anytime.

Then it is necessary to add questions. In order to add a new question, click the Add question button. To finish and save the survey, click the Save survey button.

Under the same survey, you can create different types of questions, such as:

  • Survey: this is a question where the answer must be chosen by the end-user from a list. It is possible to set from 2 to 4 preset answers.
  • Quiz: this is a question where the end-user is required to answer Yes or No.
  • Voting: this is a question where the end-user is required to express a preference on a rating scale from 1 to 5.

Possible actions to perform on an existing survey are:

  • Activate: it is possible to publish only one survey per time. So, if a survey is activated, all other surveys will be necessarily disabled.
  • Remove: delete a survey from the Platform.
  • Edit: change the name, period of validity, questions for each survey, and to add new questions to a selected survey.
  • View statistics. For each survey you can:
    • Answers: this is a pie chart summarizing all votes that have been submitted.
    • Total votes: this is a line chart showing all votes that have been submitted in a timeline.
    • Historic: this is a table showing all votes that have been submitted.

These actions can be performed by the Tenant and, if the Management is Differentiated and the Responsibility is assigned to the Venue, also by the Venue Manager.


The settings available for this application are:

  • Management
  • Responsibility

For further information about these settings, please see Marketplace.


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