External Link: add links to external URLs to your Splash Portal


[Please note that this article refers to an older version of the product and may be outdated. You can find the most recent guide here]

External Link is an application which allows you to publish items within the App Bar in the Splash Portal, in order to provide links for external URLs.

Control Panel management

By clicking the Manage button, you can manage all the items for the External links application.
In the Manage section, click the Create new button, then add an item to the App Bar. For each item it is necessary to specify:

  • Icon:
    here you can add an icon to display. It is strongly recommended to upload images with transparent backgrounds, since in this way the background is the default color chosen as the background for the App Bar.

  • Label:
    in the "Label" column it is necessary to specify the text to display according to the language selected in the Splash Portal. The languages to specify are:
    • Italian
    • English
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    When the language specified is not included among those mentioned, the English text is shown.
    By clicking the Same label for all languages checkbox, it is possible to enter a text once, that will be used for all languages supported by Cloud4Wi.

  • URL:
    the URL where the end-user is redirected to, after clicking on the item.

  • Walled Garden:
    this option indicates whether the entered URL is included or not between the Walled Garden for the device used as a HotSpot. If not checked, the end-user will be invited to log in to the Splash Portal in order to visit the specified URL.

For each item it is possible to perform the following actions:

  • Edit: edit an existing item by modifying the specified fields.
  • Delete: delete an existing item.

These actions can be performed by the Tenant and, if the Management is Differentiated and the Responsibility is assigned to the Venue, also by the Venue Manager.



The settings available for this application are:

  • Management
  • Responsibility

For further information about these settings, please see Marketplace.

End-user experience

End-users will see your external link inside the App Bar, as shown below for the "Cloud4Wi" link.

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