Geo Chat: let end-users discover nearby online users


Geo Chat is an application that allows an end-user who has signed into the service to communicate with end-users belonging to the same Venue that are using the application.


This application does not require a particular configuration to run.

How users can enter the chat?

Each authenticated end-user can enter the chat through the App Bar, and can choose the name displayed in the chat between the username of his account (Public profile, in the image below this is "329AF536") and a custom name (Custom profile).

Once logged in, the application displays all users currently connected to the chat (in the example of the picture below, there is a user logged called "211DB828") belonging to the same Venue. When specified, the city of the Hotspot where the user is connected to, is also displayed.

By clicking the button in the main toolbar, it is possible to filter currently active users by name or by gender. The View all users on map button causes the opening of the Nearby application, where it is possible to display on map all the active users according to the Venue where they are connected to. You can learn more about this Nearby, by reading Nearby: enjoy places, promotional events and people around you.

By clicking the button in the main toolbar it is possible to show or hide chat notifications.

By clicking the button in the main toolbar it is possible to show or hide currently ongoing chats.


Who are users displayed in the Geo Chat window?

The visibility of online is at Venue level. This means that an end-user connected to a Venue is able to see only the end-users connected to the same Venue.

How to establish a chat conversation?

When a chat request is sent by a not-blacklisted contact, the application sends a notification, asking to accept or deny the invite. It is possible to blacklist a contact only if there is an active chat with this contact (please read below "How to blacklist a contact?" paragraph).

In order to send a chat request to another contact, it is necessary to click the Send inquiry button below the contact details of the chat user.

Then, a modal windows asks to confirm the request.

If the request is accepted by the other party, then a chat windows is displayed.

At this point the chat conversation has been established.


How to blacklist a contact?

To blacklist a contact, click the Block button in the appropriate chat window. This action is possible only when there is an active chat with the contact to block.


How to leave the chat?

Closing any chat window in the browser will automatically disconnect you.

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