Restricted access page: where end-users can choose a Service Profile when a Default one is not set


In the Restricted access page the end-user is able to choose the Service Profile to use when a Default Profile is not set in the Venue (Self-Provisioning mode). More information can be found in Restricting end-users access to the service.

This page will be displayed in the Splash Portal when no active Service Profile is assigned to the end-user, and will show the end-user all the Service Profiles available for the Venue, configured to run for the Self-Provisioning mode. Service Profiles can be created in the Internet section.

The end-user, in order to recharge the account, has to:

  1. choose the Service Profile to use to access the service
  2. contact the Venue Manager and ask for a service PIN
  3. enter the service PIN in the Recharge page in order to recharge the account

The Tenant and the Venue Manager, through the Control Panel, are able to create and manage service PINs.
They are also able to let the end-user skip the entering of the service PIN, by accessing the Users section from the quick access toolbar, searching and selecting the end-user, and finally clicking Confirm for the Unlock access with PIN option, if available. In this way the end-user is able to use the Service Profile assigned without entering a service PIN.

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