General information about Splash Portal templates

A Splash Portal template is a way to define the page layout for the Splash Portal. The Solution supports many Splash Portal templates and they can be available to the Tenant according to its enabled license.
The standard layout for each template has been built by using Twitter Bootstrap framework, leveraging the responsive approach in order to optimize the experience for different devices.
The following image shows the structure of a page with a standard layout. The page consists of many rows and each row can be divided into containers, each of which may contain a content block.

The layout of the Splash Portal
The page consists of the following containers:
  • Nav Bar: it can contain a logo and the system menus.
  • Header: it includes is a single row that can be used to give evidence of some contents.
  • App Bar: it is reserved to App Bar, and it is displayed only if this application it is enabled.
  • Container: here the content of the page is displayed. it can consist of different rows, each consisting of one or two blocks.
  • Footer: it is positioned at the bottom of the page, and it is reserved for the Footer content block.

Default templates

Template A
Template A (3 BOX)

Template B (3 BOX)

Template Basic
Template Basic

Template C
Template C (5 Box)

Template D (5 Box)
Template E
Template E (6 Box)
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