Managing the images gallery to publish images to the Splash Portal


To access the Images gallery section, click the Splash Portals button present in the quick access toolbar, click the Content Blocks button in the command toolbar of the page and then click on Images gallery, in the same toolbar.

This section stores all the images uploaded by system users and may be used to create the following types of content blocks:
  • HTML
  • Image
  • Slider
  • Logo
  • Clickable image
By using the command toolbar, you can upload a new image through the Upload Image button, or search for an image already stored, by using the Search button. A Name to associate with the image will also be required.
For each image loaded the following actions are possible:
  • Preview: this action lets you view the image in full size
  • Delete: this action is available only if the image is not used in any Venue, and can be completely removed from the Images gallery.
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