Navigation bar - Accessing Splash Portal menus


The Splash Portal's navigation bar is the upper menu in the Splash Portal that the end-user can use to navigate or perform some actions into the Splash Portal.

Splash Portal's Navigation Bar

The navigation bar can consist of a maximum of 4 areas, that can be:

  • Logo: the zone where the company logo is displayed. In this area it is possible to load only an "Image" content block. To get more information on loading a logo, please read Customizing the Splash Portal defining content blocks.
  • Home: a link pointing to the main page of the Splash Portal.
  • Menu: a menu where end-users can access pages where it is possible to perform many actions (view account details, top-up the account, view the list of past sessions, change the password, dismiss the contract etc.).
  • Language: this menu allows the end-user to change the language displayed in the Splash Portal. It is displayed only if there is more than one language configured in the Splash Portal. You can learn more about language configuration by reading Setting appearance, languages and public URLs for your Splash Portal.
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