Managing Service Profiles


Service Profiles are rules and constraints that are applied to end-users who take advantage of the services. It is necessary to assign a Service Profile to an end-user in order to ensure that this one can access the Internet. To learn more, please see Provisioning

In the Internet section, the system user is able to see all Service Profiles available (in order to better understand this, please see Who manages Service Profiles in a Venue?).
In this section it is possible to select an existing Service Profile (by clicking on it) or create a new one, or set advanced options for Service Profiles (this is described in Advanced Internet options).

By clicking on the name of a Service Profile, you can see detailed information regarding the selected Profile.. In the command toolbar the following buttons are available:

  • Edit: this button lets you modify the attributes of an existing Service Profile, by editing all the parameters specified during the creation phase. These changes can be applied among the Service Profiles available for the Venues that will be created later, or to the Service Profiles currently used for the existing Venues. This depends on the license that has been assigned to the Tenant. It is also possible to enable or disable the selected Service Profile.
  • Clone: this button lets you create a new Service Profile from the data of an existing one.
  • Delete: lets you delete a Service Profile.
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