Recurrent Profiles for end-users


Recurrent Service Profiles are Profiles based on time that periodically renew their validity, typically daily.

The most common use of this class of Service Profiles is when you want to ensure Internet services for free, but you intend to set constraints on the resources usage.

"One hour of navigation per day" allows the end-user to surf the Internet every day for a total time amount of one hour.

Defining a recurrent Service Profile requires the configuration of the following parameters:
  • Duration: this indicates how long the end-user can take advantage of the service. After this time the validity of the profile is expired, until it is renewed.
  • Renewal frequency: this indicates how often the validity of the profile is renewed.
  • Set validity: this indicates a validity period for the Service Profile. Outside of this period, the Service Profile can no longer be used.
It is possible to create and edit a recurrent Service Profile through the Internet section. Please note that the recurring instances of any Profile Service are reset in any case at 00:00 of the expected date, according to the time zone selected in the Venue,
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