Connection logs


In the Connection Logs section, accessible through the Guest WiFi menu, you can monitor traffic sessions performed by the end-users in the current day.

The available details are:

  • Provider: indicates the type of user account connected (User Account, Click-through, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, VKontakte...)
  • Username: the username for the end-user who performed the session.
  • Start: the start date and time for the traffic session.
  • Stop: the stop date and time for the traffic session.
  • Logout reason: for end-users who terminated the session, it is the reason why the traffic session is terminated.
  • Duration: the duration of the traffic session.
  • Traffic: the amount of traffic performed during the session.
  • Venue: the Venue where the end-user came from.
  • HotSpot: the HotSpot, within the Venue, where the end-user came from.
  • Client MAC: the MAC Address of the device used to perform the session.

It is also possible to export the list of the traffic sessions to a CSV file by clicking the Export button in the command toolbar.

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