Adding and managing system users


[Please note that this article refers to an older version of the product and may be outdated. You can find the most recent guide here]

The system user is a person who can access and use the Control Panel.
In the System user section, accessible through the Account menu, it is possible to display the list of system users according to specific policies.

More precisely:

  • A Tenant of a company is able to see all system users of the company at the Tenant-level and is also able to display a list of the Venue Managers of a particular Venue by getting down to the Venue level.
  • A Venue Manager is able to see all Venue Managers that are registered to the same Venue.

Once a Tenant or a Venue is created, then a system user is also created. This system user is "Admin", because he is able to create new system users in the platform. System users created hereafter are able to access the platform according to their role, but they are not "Admin" and they cannot create further system users in any case.

By clicking on the System users link, you can view a table showing all system users, according to the policies mentioned above. The available details are:

  • Username: the username for the end-user
  • Name: the full name of the end-user (first and last name)
  • Role: A set of privileges allocated to the end-user. Please check the paragraph "System user roles" below
  • Admin: this field indicates if the system user is able to create and delete other system users. As already mentioned, a Tenant can be "Admin" only when the account is created by the Cloud4Wi during the activation of the license. A Venue Manager is Admin only when the account is created by Cloud4Wi or by the system user at the Tenant level, during the first set up of the Venue.

By clicking on the single system user, you can view the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Mobile Phone
  • Email
  • Username
  • Role

and you can perform the following actions:

  • Lock: it allows you to disable the selected system user account without deleting it. Please note that you can enable it again, at a later time, by clicking on the Unlock button.
  • Edit: it allows you to update the previously entered data.
  • Reset password: it allows you to reset the password necessary to access the Control Panel.
  • Delete: it allows you to permanently delete the selected system user. This action is available if the logged system user is "Admin" or belongs to an upper level (if the logged user is a Tenant who is managing the Venue level).

During the creation of a new system user, the following information is required:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Mobile Phone
  • Email
  • Role
  • Send Email: a notification e-mail to the provided e-mail address, including the access credentials for the Control Panel. The email can be sent or not.
  • Send Text Message: a notification text message to the mobile phone number including the access credentials for the Control Panel. The text message can be sent or not.



First access

Please read Logging in to the Control Panel for the first time to learn more about the first access of a system user to the Control Panel.

System user roles

Currently the following roles are available:

  • Full: This role has full access over all the sections (the "classical" system user).
  • Analysis: this role can only access Analytics.
  • Applications: this role can only access Applications.
  • Provisioning: this role can access the following sections: Dashboard, Users, Venue, Splash Portal, Internet, Settings, Monitor.
  • Marketing: this role can access the following sections: Dashboard, Analytics, Apps, Splash Portal.
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