Viewing and editing Hotspots data for a Venue Manager


In the Devices section, accessible only by the Venue Manager through the quick access toolbar, you can search for existing HotSpots (through the Search button), add new ones to a Venue, view and manage the existing ones, or display them in a map.

Please make sure to read "Hotspots" as title of the page. If yes, you have nothing to do. Otherwise, please select Hotspots in the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

For each entered HotSpot, the available details are:

  • Name: unique name for the HotSpot.
  • Complete address: geolocation data for the HotSpot.
  • Vendor: the manufacturer of the HotSpot.
  • Identifier: the identifier used by the platform to identify the HotSpot from which the access requests, performed by end-users, comes from.
  • Users: the total number of end-users registered to the HotSpot.
  • Online Users: the number of registered end-users who are currently online.
  • Logins: the total number of authentications performed by end-users.
  • Avg Time: the average time of an end-user's session.
  • Impressions: the total number of Splash Portal visits performed by end-users.

When adding or editing a single HotSpot, the following information is asked:

  • Status: whether the HotSpot is enabled or disabled.
  • Description: optional short description for the HotSpot, useful for displaying purposes.
  • Router type: through this field you can select the type of device or, if used, one of supported firmware.
  • MAC address: it is the MAC Address belonging to the Access Point.
  • Latitude, Longitude: additional geolocation data for the HotSpot.
By clicking the Map button, it is possible to display entered HotSpots in a map, according to geolocation data that has been entered. In order to go back to the HotSpots list, it is necessary to click HotSpot button.
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