Monitoring latest errors and notifications to end-users through the Dashboard


Notifications is part of the Dashboard section,. It displays information about latest authentications performed by end-users.

Data displayed here refers to when the page is loaded. To refresh your data, click the  button (Refresh) in the command toolbar.

This subsection consists of two parts:

  • Alarms
  • Troubleshooting

In the Alarms column, you can view the list of notifications and warnings generated by the actions performed by end-users.

In the Troubleshooting column, you can view the list of errors generated by the actions performed by end-users.

In both cases the details displayed are the following:

  • Date: the date for the event.
  • Message: the warning or message error. For the complete list of these alarms, please see Errors and notifications.
  • Username: the username of the end-user who performed the session.


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