Enjoying the flexibility of the Dashboard section


Cloud4Wi now allows the system users to customize the Dashboard section.
The Dashboard section is the first screen you see when you log into the Control Panel. In order to access this section from anywhere else in the Control Panel, you have to click on the Dashboard button in the quick access toolbar.

The Dashboard section allows a system user to add and configure the dashboard widgets, which are small boxes included in the dashboard, showing charts or generic information about the Tenant or Venue.
Please note that the Dashboard section depends on the system user and each system user has its own dashboard. If a Tenant descends to the Venue level, it is still able to see its own dashboard which shows data from the Venue.

Below you can find some useful articles to learn more about the Dashboard section.

Creating and modifying dashboards

The Dashboard section allows you to create and modify dashboards.
See the following article for details on this: How to create and configure your custom dashboard.


List of available widgets

The widget is an information box showing charts or information about the Tenant and Venue.
See the complete list in the following article: List of available dashboard widgets.

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