Cloud4Wi 5.3.0 (Minor Release) - Release Note

We are pleased to announce the availability of Cloud4Wi 5.3.0 (minor release). This release includes new features and minor improvements.

What's new
  • New Analytics (Beta):completely re-designed, the new analytics provides now complete and efficient data, enabling also a fast comparison of metrics.
  • Social sign-in option only: it is now possible to enable only the social sign-in option and disable both the click-through and account based sign-in. Read more.
  • Possibility to disable system users: added the possibility to disable a system user from the Control Panel. Read more.
  • Possibility to set the idle-timeout: the default value of the idle-timeout timer can be now changed. When a user is idling without generating traffic for the amount of time set as User Idle Timeout, the client is automatically disconnected from the hotspot. Read more.
  • Fast account switching: when the Tenant enters on a specific WiFi Area from the Control Panel, he can now easily switch among the different WiFi Areas without the need of going back to the Tenant level panel. 

Improvements and software changes
  • Control Panel menu:  the menu in the top bar of the Control Panel has been completely re-designed for a better usability. 
  • Tenant Profile editing: the Tenant admin can now modify its data (such as Company name, address etc..) on its own. Note that these data are used in the default Terms and Conditions text, which automatically gets the details of the Tenant. 
  • Splash Portal UI review: minor UI and UX enhancement on the system components of the Splash Portal, including some optimization in the mobile environment.
  • Internet Plan recharge also for user with social login: users that signed up with a social account can now recharge their internet plan by using a Service code or with the online payment.
  • Review of WiFi Area activation wizard; UI enhancement on the wizard of the setup of the WiFi Area.
  • Standard international address format: a new standard format for address has been introduced.
  • Marketing clause management in the self-care portal: end-users can now manage their marketing clause option in the self-care portal;
  • App Bar: improved usability for mobile devices and small screens. Read more.
  • At least one hotspot per WiFi Area is mandatory: during the creation of a WiFi Area it is now mandatory to add at least one hotspot. Read more.

  • New Survey Pro:  new Survey App with new features. You can add a "Form" into the survey to collect additional data about users; possibility to force the user to respond to the survey when they connect to the Splash Portal or when they click on the sign-in button.
  • Minor bug fix and UI enhancements on Advertising Pro, Email Marketing and Nearby apps.

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