Setting up advanced Internet options


There are some preferences and technical options that should be set, generally for all the Service Profiles. On the Internet page, the Options button on the command toolbar opens an Options page, as shown below.

On this page are common options and parameters that are applied to all the Service Profiles. This page lets you set the following parameters:

  • Idle timeout: this option lets you change the Idle timeout value. When a end-user is idling without generating traffic for the amount time set in this field, the client is automatically disconnected from the RADIUS server.

    Note: this value should be set to a reasonable short time when pay per use service profiles are provided. In this way, if the end-user forgets to log out from the Splash Portal, the system automatically disconnects them after the time set, saving the remaining time available in the Internet plan. When you need to provide an always-on service, without caring about policies or available resources, you can set this option to a larger value, so that the end-user is not automatically disconnected in case of inactivity.

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