Password recovery for end-users


[Please note that this article refers to an older version of the product and may be outdated. You can find the most recent guide here]

In order to allow end-users to recover their password through an automatic procedure in the Splash Portal, the Tenant or the Venue Manager must activate Password recovery from the Splash Portal. In the Access templates section in the Settings menu on the Control Panel- open the access template assigned to your Venue.

If this option is correctly configured, the password recovery page appears in the log in box of the Splash Portal, as displayed below.

By clicking Forgot your password? Click here!, the end-user is redirected to the "reset password" page. An end-user, by entering their username, is able to recover their own access credentials.

The system checks for the username and, if exists, replaces the old password with a new one automatically created. Then the data is sent to the end-user by text message (SMS) and, if the email address of the end-user is set, an email message is also sent.

Please note that currently the only data that an end-user can provide in order to recover a password, is the username.
The Tenant or the Venue Manager can give valid help to end-users to remember the password by setting the Platform to generate usernames based on the mobile phone number provided by end-users. This can be configured also in the Access templates section in the Settings menu.

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