Registration and login of end-users


The Solution is mainly a service offered to end-users: everything concerning the registration of a new end-user or the log in of end-users is an essential part of the product.

A registration process is "something" involving
the creation of an end-user's account within the system. There are different types of registration processes, you can learn more reading Registration processes for end-users.

Log in processes are the actions performed by end-users in order to access the service.
Typically they require the end-user to submit an username and password to access the service.
In order to get more information about log in processes, please read Log in page - Where end-users can sign in to the service.
Also Social Networks access credentials are supported, as you can read in Social Log in: logging in to the Splash Portal through "Social" access credentials.
Please note that Click-through is currently the only authentication mode where end-users can access the service without providing access credentials.

This section provides additional information indirectly dealing with registration and log in processes. Please explore this section and learn about all the features related with this!

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