How can I add a SysLog server to my system?


Several countries have specific regulations requiring the service provider to keep track of end-user activities including visited websites. This function is usually managed by a function called SysLog.


How it works

The Access Point / Gateway must be configured to forward / mirror the user traffic to a Log Server which is able to log all activites detected by the system.


How to setup a SysLog Server

Cloud4Wi doesn't provide SysLog capabilities.
Anyway, you can implement your own log server, as described in the article How to install and configure a SysLog Server.
Or you can a third-party system. Some solutions are listed in the article Third party solutions for a SysLog server.

Then, in the article Configuring my access device to interact with a SysLog server you can find some useful web links to access device manifacturers, in order to configure your access point to communicate with your SysLog server.

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