Cloud4Wi Update - Release Note 5.3.1

New Stuff
  • Presence Analytics: Presence Analytics displays location based statistics to monitor and improve customers engagement and loyalty. Presence Analytics let to compare customer trends after launching campaign, revealing user traffic trends and new vs repeat visitor loyalty. Presence Analytics has been released as a new App in the marketplace.
  • Pin-Up: Pin-up App allows end-users to pin personal messages on a digital shared board on the Splash Portal of a certain location. It represents a digital version of a physical bulletin board, very common in public locations that hosts announcements, promotions and events of any type. Read more.
  • Automatics periodic PIN generation: possibility to set an automatic mode for the generation of PIN code on a periodic base (for example to reset to a default value the amount of available PIN each month). Read more.
  • End-user email notifications:  possibility to send customized welcome emails to end-users when they self-sign-up on the Splash Portal. 
  • CMS enhancements: new “Setting” section has been added. It gathers different options and configuration of the Splash Portal, including landing page, custom CSS, language set, Splash Portal external URL, that used to be on different areas. Read more.
  • Splash Portal UI enhancements: it is now possible to upload a personal background image on the header section of the Splash Portal and to set the header box height. Other minor design changes have been added as well, improving the usability on mobile devices. Read more.
  • Active content design: new design for the active contents such as Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds has been added.
  • Social login improvements; the social login process for end-users have been simplified, removing the page which required user’s mobile number.
  • New Hotspot section on the Control Panel of the WiFi Area: it I now possible to manage the Hotspot directly from the dedicated section in the left toolbar at WiFi Area level.
  • Minor bug fix and UI enhancements on Advertising Pro, Email Marketing and Nearby apps.
  • Splash Portal loader page: added a loading page on the Splash Portal with a custom logo.
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