Pin-Up: improve your Splash Portal with a digital bulletin board


Pin-Up is an application that allows end-users to pin personal messages on a digital shared board on the Splash Portal of a certain location. It represents a digital version of a physical bulletin board, very common in public locations that hosts announcements, promotions and events of any type.

Control Panel management

Authenticated end-users are allowed to pin new messages on the board, unless the system users set limitations on the maximum number of messages that each end-user can enter.
Otherwise, the privileges of unauthenticated users can be configured by system-users through the Control Panel.

In general, all these rules under which messages are created or displayed, are set by the system users: they can do it by clicking the Manage button in the Marketplace.

The following options are available:

  • Pre-authentication: by enabling this checkbox, unauthenticated users will be able to pin messages on the board.
  • Total of notes: this option indicates the maximum number of notes that can be displayed into the bulletin board. When the limit is reached, end-users are not able to insert further notes. By entering a value of 0 or a blank value, it is possible to insert an unlimited number of notes.
  • Delete notes older than: this option indicates the maximum number of hours of life of each entered message. After the entered number of hours, each note will be deleted. By entering a value of 0 or a blank value, it is possible to insert an unlimited number of notes.
  • User notes: this option indicates the maximum number of notes allowed per user. Please note that this option cannot affect unauthenticated users, since there is no way to know who an unauthenticated user is.
  • Send notification: this option allows to enable automatic email notifications when a message is inserted on the board.
  • Email: when Send notification is enabled, this option allows to specify one email address to receive notifications.

By clicking the View bulletin board button, the system user is able to view all messages that are currently published on the board and, if wished, is also able to delete messages by clicking the appropriate  button (this feature is essential when moderation is needed).


Settings available for this application are:

  • Management
  • Responsibility

For further information about these settings, please see Marketplace.

Please note that if Management is "Unified", a message is visible in all Venues under the same Tenant. Otherwise, if Management is "Differentiated", each Venue has its own bulletin board.

End-user experience

End-users can access the application through the App Bar and view the messages in the bulletin board.

In order to add a new message, when allowed by the settings specified by system users, you must click the New note button.

And then specify following fields:

  • Text of the note: the text displayed on the note.
  • Your name: the name displayed in the bottom-right corner of the note
  • Color: the color of the paper of the note

Once clicked, the note will appear in the bulletin board.

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