Overview of Venues and the multi-level structure


A Venue is a set of HotSpots or Probes sharing the same service management and Splash Portals. All the HotSpots or Probes making up a single and unique Venue can be installed in the same geographic area or even in different areas far away from each other.

The Tenant is the system user who can manage a set of Venues.
Tenants are able to create new Venues (see How to create a new Venue), modify or possibly disable an existing one (see How a Tenant can view and manage a Venue), and assign a new Splash Portal to a Venue.

Tenants are also able to delegate part of the service configuration to a Venue Manager. Venue Managers are the system users who are located in the hierarchical level under the Tenant, and are able to manage their Venue, along with any HotSpots and Probes entered.

The Tenant is able to perform operations as a Venue Manager by accessing the Venue section through the quick access toolbar and then clicking on the Manage link for the appropriate Venue.

In this section you can find articles about general configurations of the Venue that are possible for different levels (Tenant and Venue).
However, it is important to clarify that the entire solution presents a multi-level structure, and it does not only include the Venue section. You can learn more about this by visiting Marketplace: set up and manage your applications.

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