Accessing content block external links even in pre-authentication mode


By default, if you add a link to an external page in the content of the Splash Portal, such as the text/HTML content block, end-users who did not log it are not able to display the new page, since the system intercepts the request and opens a modal window saying that the end-user must be logged in to open such link.

This happens also if the target domain is configured in the Walled Garden of the access device: indeed, there is no way for the Splash Portal to understand if a domain is included or not in the Walled Garden.

In order to tell the Splash Portal to reach the external resource even in pre-authentication mode, there is the following simple solution:

  1. First ensure that the IP/domain of the external resource that you want to reach in pre-authentication mode are properly configured in the Walled Garden
  2. Edit the html of your content block and replace the "href" attribute of "<a>" tag with the string "hrefWalled"

For example if a standard link is made with the following code:

<a href="URL" title="Link: URL">link text</a>

you have to hack in:

<a hrefWalled="URL" title="Link: null">link text</a>
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