Cloud4Wi 5.8.0 - Release Note


Cloud4Wi has been updated.

Check out what’s new, improvements and fixed issues for this version of Cloud4Wi below. You can let us know what you think, or report a bug by opening a ticket on our Support Center anytime. 


What’s new

  • Proximity app: The updated version introduces the possibility to define the scope of the campaign. A powerful condition editor allows the admin to create complex business rules that include the three main categories including target audience, location and timing of each campaign. 
  • Access Template: This new feature enables saving the sign up / sign in option in profiles, which can be applied independently to each WiFi Area. This way, the tenant can create multiple profiles, apply them to the WiFi Area and manage them directly while maintaining differentiation on their configuration. 
  • Smart Authentication: This is a new setting in the Access Template, which allows the automatic authentication of existing users as soon as they open the browser. As a result, when users open the browser they get connected directly to the Splash Portal landing page in the authenticated mode. 
  • Click-through email input gathering: This is an add-on to the click through access mode, which makes it possible to gather the user email. In the future, this feature will be added to other fields as well. 
  • Possibility to import end users: This update transfers users in bulk from an external cvs file. This feature will be enabled only upon request. 
  • Wi-Fi Presence Analytics (Beta): Venues can define their marketing strategies and improve their campaign performance by collecting and analyzing information about their customers’ behaviors.
  • Cloud4Wi Ecosystem: Cloud4Wi is a vendor agnostic solution fully integrated with the most popular vendors of access and network devices, and firmware. The new vendors added include Xirrus and HP.


  • Marketplace: The menu item “Marketplace” as be renamed “Apps”. This provides the access to the “My Apps” section, including the apps already installed, and the “Marketplace” section including all the apps provided by the platform. 
  • Splash Portal: A User-friendly characterization of the available four models including full page, metro, social feed and image boxes is presented. Each model includes guidelines for a quick definition as well.
    Other changes in the splash portal model include an improved design of the Full Page Splash Portal model, which include a dark layer over the background image and create better contrast with the text.
  • The “Brand Logo” is introduced in the Splash Portal models on the top bar. There is also a possibility to change the color of background of header and footer and of the text in the Splash Portal models. 
  • WiFi Area: The Wizard for creating a new WiFi Area has been improved. The WiFi Area and Hotspot Index page have also been reviewed to create better understanding with relevant data and analytics.
  • Service Package: The menu item “Service Template” as be renamed “Service Package”. A more flexible configuration of the control delegation has been designed. The new “Service Package” allows the possibility to control the availability of Hotspot pages and addition of Hotspots at the WiFi area level.


Bug Fixing

  • Data provided in “Dashboard” is aligned with data provided in “Analytics”.
  • “Service Package" works properly when applied the first time.
  • An international standard is being used for digit separators.
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