How to buy a paid service profile through a PayPal account (the process for an end-user)


[Please note that this article refers to an older version of the product and may be outdated. You can find the most recent guide here]

An end-user is able to activate a Service Profile in two ways:

  • by entering a Service PIN, a code provided by the Venue Manager
  • by completing an online payment procedure (currently PayPal payments are supported)

These procedures are mutually exclusive.

In this article we will discuss how to enable a Service Profile where the end-user can buy an online payment procedure, and how this procedure takes place.

Configuration on the Control Panel side

First, it is necessary to configure seller account data as described in this article: Setting up online payments on your Tenant or Venues.

A Tenant or a Venue Manager who intends to allow end-users to buy a Service Profile through an automatic procedure, should configure a Service Profile in the following way:

  • Price: the price must be greater than zero
  • Self-Provisioning: this parameter must be set to Yes, since the Service Profile appears in the list of Service Profiles that the end-user can activate
  • Service PIN: this parameter must be set to No, otherwise the end-user is prompted to enter a Service PIN instead of being redirected to the online payment procedure
  • Status: the Service Profile must be active, so this parameter must be set to Enabled

Please visit this article: Creating a new Service Profile, for more detailed information.


Retrieving the details of a customer who paid

When a transaction appears on the PayPal website, the following details about the end-user are available under the field called "Custom":

  • Venue
  • Hotspot
  • Username
  • Internet plan

Please find an example of a payment below.

End-user experience

It is possible for the end-user to activate a Service Profile through the Internet plans page, in the Splash Portal. You can find more information about this, in the article: Internet plans page - The recharge page for end-users.

Here, all the active Internet plans for the Self-Provisioning mode are listed. An end-user who intends to buy a Service Profile, must provide the following information:

  • Username: the end-user is required to enter his username if he is not logged in
  • Service PIN: this field MUST be left empty, because the online payment procedure excludes the usage of Service PINs
  • Plan: select the desired Service Profile

After clicking on the Send button, the end-user is redirected to the PayPal page, where he is able to complete the payment and activate the Service Profile.

Keep in mind that it is necessary to configure the device in order to allow unauthenticated end-users to reach the PayPal website. For more detailed information on this subject, please visit: Walled Gardens for PayPal feature (web sites/domains to open).

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